About Kinheritance

Privileged to be a part of the Start-up India initiative commenced by the Government of India, Kinheritance aims to make a difference in the Succession Services Industry by offering services that are extremely important and much needed, but have not gained momentum due to lack of awareness or expertise. Kinheritance’s vision, “Wealth Preservation through Succession Care”, offers Services with value added features, that facilitate and empower their Clients to discover and manage their Assets

This young Company’s mission is to provide “A one stop boutique to facilitate a smooth succession of Assets to 10 million families in the next 3 years", by offering the following services.

★ Kin~Diary - Helps consolidate and access records of all assets online, with great ease.

★ Kin~Will - Proffers a range of ‘Will’ creation and management alternatives.

★ Kin~Unknown - Discovery and recovery of unknown assets”.

★ Kin~Claim - Facilitates recovery of known/unknown insurance policies.

★ Kin~Move - Facilitates mobility by updation of legal/financial documents.

For each of these services, Kinheritance guarantees a logical legacy trail for their Clients, by striking a balance between expertise and technology. Partnering with Industry groups, Kinheritance’s collaborative and engaging team ensures that their Client’s needs are taken care of, seamlessly.

Kinheritance’s each services' inbuilt ‘Value added features (VAF)' such as triggers, alerts, dashboards, updates etc., ensure their Clients' assets are always vibrant. Thereby, helping leverage them in a timely manner. Although our robust e-platform empowers our Clients to progress with each of our services instantaneously, we believe in human interface, as much.

We welcome interactions to explain processes and are also open to suggestions. Our firewalls and legal contracts with our Technology partners safeguard loss/leakage of our Clients information. By offering all the above under one roof, FinAssure aims to provide a holistic solution for all your succession needs.

Keeping our Vision in mind, Kinheritance’s charges are most mindful and competitive.

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Kinheritance Team Members

Surbhi Jain

Surbhi is trained in psychology and family therapy. She is a passionate entrepreneur inclined toward ...s the cause of children's and women's welfare. In her earlier entrepreneurial stint, she conceptualized and implemented a comprehensive framework for the overall development of children, parents, and teachers while working closely with small and mid-sized schools. After over 15 years of interactions with them, Surbhi Jain realized that Financial insecurity due to the loss of a breadwinner and lack of knowledge about family assets is one of the main reasons that negatively impact the mental health of people, especially Women. On the personal front, Surbhi Jain’s irreversible loss at the tender age of 5 due to them the untimely demise of her father left an ineffable impact on her life and persona. She is empathic and willing to go the extra mile toward the betterment of society. Read More

Gurmeen Johar

Gurmeen has over 2 decades of experience in the Banking and Insurance sectors. Having worked with an ... MNC Bank, both in India and abroad, she understands core banking very well. Relationship banking has always been her strength due to her in depth understanding of banking procedures and her compassionate and empathetic nature. Her experience as an Insurance partner helped her understand the need of Insurance and its operations at grassroot level. This also enabled her witness and realise the need of succession planning from close quarters. On the personal front, Integrity, and honesty are her strengths, traits she is proud of and carries them as her parent's legacy. Read More


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