A secured platform to systematically arrange each Asset

(A Premium service only available on inviatation)

Assures a platform to systematically arrange each Asset/Investment class. We believe that a job well begun is half done. This service enables our clients to list, update and amend their Assets details with ease. Triggering notifications such as interest transfer date, asset redemption date ensures wealth preservation and avoid possibility of unclaimed money

  • One-Stop Secured Solution to Record all your assets and Insurances
  • Personalized sharing of assets and insurance details with loved ones
  • Notifications/ reminder(s) for all your upcoming financial events.

One-click ‘Asset and Liabilities’ dashboard

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Asset Diary with Kinheritance
Simple 5 step track all your Asset and Investments

Step 1: Register with KINHERITANCE

Step 2: Update your Asset and Investment Details

Step 3: Assign Delegate (as required to selectively access your record)

Step 4: Regularly update Investment/ Assets to keep it upto date 

Step 5: Assess dashboard and notifications to nuture your Investment

Besides, KINHERITANCE also provides expert advise to support you in preparation of your 'Will' and getting it registered with the Sub-Registrar Office.

Securely maintain your Asset recors today for better tommorow !!!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the features and benefits of Kinheritance platform?

Secured dashboard and database of all investment/ insurance anytime anywhere. Auto Triggers to check whether you are getting interest/ dividend income and auto Reminder to instalment/ premium due/ KYC update Ease in nomination management

I have done nomination and informed my family members. Do I still require Kinheritance? Isn’t this enough?

During your Lifetime-we enable you to have complete control of your investments. You may be receiving multiple reminders to payment but may not be receiving any trigger for upcoming income. Beyond you- it may become an intimidating task for the family to search key documents and contact multitude of agencies to inherit your valuable legacy

How is Kinheritance platform different from an e-locker/Digi-locker?

Kinheritance is not just a document repository. This platform will help you organize and track all your investments under one umbrella. It ensure that you do not miss out any due income/ return from your investment and give smiles to your loved by helping them get the hussle-free benefits of your life long investment

Is Kinheritance an investment advisor / portfolio manager?

We are not an investment advisor or portfolio managers… We do not offer you financial advice or give investment tips. Kinheritance exists to empowers you and family. Our platform and services will facilitate you that where ever you invest, you don’t miss out on any legitimate income during your life and your family get the same beyond you.

It seems like a lot of work to complete the Kinheritance. Is it worth doing it?

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned….Benjamin Franklin.....Have you ever spent hours searching for important documents / investment receipts or lost sleep wondering about your family future / lost legacy? Organizing details on the Kinheritance platform is like lifetime investment for you and beyond you.

Is Kinheritance Platform secure?

We are ISO 27001 certified and have 256 bit data encryption. Our platform is hosted on world class AWS server. Besides, we use 2-factor authentication to increase security and ease of access to your account.

Who is a ‘Deputy’ in Kinheritance Platform?

‘Deputy’ is someone to whom you would want to give limited / full access to view your financial details updated on Kinheritance Platform. Deputy may or may not be the nominee defined on the asset or your legal heir. A deputy can be a close associate in your life whom you trust enough to provide access to some or all of your investment

How can I manage which sections of my Kinheritance account my Deputies see?

You have full control over what your Deputies can and can’t access and when. You can have multiple deputies and can assign specific investment which they can have access. You can edit the same as required.

How do I become a Deputy?

When someone names you as a Deputy for their Kinheritance account, you should receive an email inviting you to set up your own account that will grant you access to the sections they've shared.

What if I do not appoint a deputy?

You continue to have full control on your Kinheritance account. No one else would have access to your financial details. Also, we shall not be able to share any information or documents with anyone in case of any eventuality.


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