Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to enroll for Kinheritance?

What are the features and benefits of the Kinheritance platform?

I have done the nomination and informed my family members. Do I still require Kinheritance? Isn’t this enough?

How is the Kinheritance platform different from an e-locker/Digi-locker?

Is Kinheritance an investment advisor/portfolio manager?

It seems like a lot of work to complete the Kinheritance. Is it worth doing it?

Is the Kinheritance Platform secure?

Who is a ‘Deputy’ in the Kinheritance Platform?

How can I manage which sections of my Kinheritance account my Deputies see?

How do I become a Deputy?

What if I do not appoint a deputy?

How does Kinheritance know about my life event?

How does the deputy connect with the Kinheritance support team in case something happens to me?

What happens to my personal and financial information if I die?

I have created an account, but I am not sure how to get started.

What if I don’t want to avail of the services of Kinheritance?

Will Kinheritance help me settle my claims?


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