Never miss important communication and investment while you move your places

Assures mobility of your assets with you. While you focus on shifting and settling in your new home or office, updation of your assets/liabilities and identity documents are altered here. Out-dated personal details/ correspondence addresses given in banks, mutual funds, demat accounts and other financial instruments are one of the key reasons for lost investment and unclaimed assets. Fin~Move updates legal documents related to identity documents and assets details.

  • Checklist for ready reference for updating assets/liabilities
  • Legal Proof Updation (Aadhar, PAN, Bank/ Pension/ Demat Account).
  • Facilitate asset details update
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Frequently asked questions

How does Kinheritance assist in asset transfer?

Kinheritance provides guidance and support for the smooth transfer of assets to intended recipients.

Can Kinheritance help with the transfer of ownership?

Yes, Kinheritance facilitates the transfer of ownership rights as part of their services.

Does Kinheritance offer assistance with wills?

Absolutely, Kinheritance helps in the implementation of will provisions and ensures their proper execution.

What approach does Kinheritance take in asset transfer?

Kinheritance follows a comprehensive approach that includes personalized guidance, legal aid, and logistical support.

Does Kinheritance provide estate planning services?

Yes, Kinheritance offers estate planning consultations to help individuals plan their estates effectively.

Can Kinheritance handle different types of assets?

Yes, Kinheritance can assist in the transfer of various assets, including property, investments, and personal belongings.

Does Kinheritance consider tax implications during asset transfer?

Yes, Kinheritance takes tax implications into account when facilitating asset transfers.

Is Kinheritance familiar with legal requirements related to asset transfer?

Absolutely, Kinheritance has expertise in legal requirements and ensures compliance during the transfer process.

How does Kinheritance ensure a smooth transition of assets?

Kinheritance's move service provides logistical support and expert guidance to minimize complications and ensure a seamless asset transfer.


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