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Assures due importance and support to their Client's Insurance Claims and Benefits. Safeguarding the future; the fundamental premise on which the Insurance Industry prevails, holds much responsibility. It is evident that Insurance has become an inevitable part of our lives, however their nuances are not. We at Kinheritance, do not expect our Clients to understand the fine print and the underlying riders to move their Claim processes forward. Be it maturity/ loss/ forgotten policy or filing an insurance claim, Insurance experts at Kinheritance ensure that their Clients are guided through till they are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Policy dispute resolution
  • Policy renewal/claim support
  • Notification for premium payments
  • Triggers of maturing / claims
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Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of health insurance claims?

You can claim your health insurance in two ways – cashless claims and reimbursement claims.

2. What is the difference between cashless claims and reimbursement claims?

In a cashless claim, your medical expenses are paid by the insurance company at the time of your discharge. You can pay your medical expenses and later claim for reimbursement in a reimbursement claim.

3. How long does it take for the reimbursement claim to be processed?

The insurance company may take up to 21 days to review your documents and process the payment.

4. When should I inform my insurer if I want to make a cashless claim for planned hospitalization?

In case of planned hospitalization, you should notify your insurer at least five days before the treatment date.

5. When does a claim get rejected?

Your claim may be rejected if you make a claim during the waiting period or for an illness that is not covered by the policy. Another reason for rejection is if you make a false claim.

6. Is Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) required in case of an accident?

Yes, a Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) and/or FIR has to be provided in case of an accident


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